Ultimate Day Trading Spreadsheet CD Creation
Ultimate Day Trading Spreadsheet CD Creation

Hi, Just like most of you out there wanting to succeed, I got into trading stocks. In my journey trading stocks, I noticed that I was in need of something to help me keep track of everyday trades and help me identify problems in the way I was trading on the stock market.

My background on excel was basic until I decided to start creating what I thought was the most important feature when day trading stocks. I began learning formulas to achieve my goal and so this spreadsheet began to take shape until today! Ones finished, I realized that I have created a wonderful tool to help traders trade and track their progress.

I love sharing, especially sharing something that I worked so hard on for months developing and improving the spreadsheet with every trade. Knowing that this could help somebody like me, I decided to place this day trading spreadsheet available for download using this domain name I had saved for another project that I never started.

And so here we are with this Ultimate Day Trading Spreadsheet I created, sharing it with all of you here and on FirePrices.com.

I would truly enjoy hearing from you with any comments or future ideas. CONTACT US.

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