Business Bookkeeping Tracker Spreadsheet Setup

Business Bookkeeping Tracker Spreadsheet Setup Instructional Video

How-to and instructional video setup of our Simple Business Bookkeeping Tracker Spreadsheet Download for Google sheets. Learn how to add the script code and button codes. Also, how to navigate and use this spreadsheet on Google.

Instructions for adding the script code to your Google sheet

These setup instructions are in the video above, in case you prefer to watch it not read it.

1. log in to your Google account. If you don't have one? Create a Gmail account today!
2. Open your Google Drive online and save the spreadsheet file (.xlsx) inside.
3. Now, right-click on the spreadsheet file inside Google Drive and select "Open With Google Sheets".
4. Once the spreadsheet opens on Google Sheets, you will need to remove the (.XLSX) from the title of the spreadsheets.
5. Click on "File" on the top left corner then, "Save as Google Sheets". This will create a copy. Go to your Google Drive and delete the old (.XLSX) file.
6. Inside the new google sheets file that is now open, select from the top menu (Tools) then, (<> Script editor).
7. Follow the steps until you see a white page with some codes inside.
8. Erase all the code inside this page and replace it with the (Script code) we provided by copying and pasting it inside.
9. Finally, click on File on the top left menu then Save. You are all set to close this script page.
10. Now you must enter code inside each button: On the "Form" page look for the button "Clear All". Right-click and click the 3 dots that appear on the right of the button. Click on "Assign Script" and enter: ClearCell. Make sure it has no spaces and the capital letters are exactly the same as shown.
11. Do the same for the Save button, but this time enter: SubmitData
12. The last button is on the "Data" page. Enter the code: EraseAllNewYear
13. First time you click any button, it will tell you that "This app isn't verified". It's fine!
14. Click on (advanced) under the title left side. Then (Go to Form_s) directly below advanced. No worries this is just google talk and You will not be sharing anything of value with Google.
15. Lastly, click Allow. YOU ARE DONE!

Download this Simple Business Bookkeeping Tracker Spreadsheet With A Tax Filing Summary Included

Will work on PC & Laptops ONLY. Google Sheets is required for the use of this spreadsheet. Google sheets is free to use with your Google Gmail account.

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